Intelligent Analytics Data Intelligence Platform Connecting Legacy System Silos

Obtain a comprehensive view of siloed data across your enterprise – all in real-time.  Sabre Intelligence Exchange provides a flexible and scalable platform for applications spanning across your entire airline, supporting powerful data analytics giving you greater control over disparate data. 

Sabre Intelligence Exchange provides a powerful platform enabling airlines to better analyze and document historical information that influences decision-making, business processes and forecasts to create innovative solutions in areas such as:

  • Customer Centricity
  • Revenue Management
  • Airline Operations
  • Automated Passenger-Risk Assessment

Fully leverage your data to drive additional revenue, deliver a more personalized customer experience and eliminate costly point-to-point integrations. With Sabre Intelligence Exchange, you can:

Deliver A Unique Customer Experience

  • Track and analyze individual customer experiences
  • Personalize actions based on aggregated customer data and profiles

Increase Revenue

  • Personalize and better target marketing offers using aggregated customer data
  • Track sales performance in real-time
  • Review and validate bookings in real-time
  • Optimize overbooking using Passenger Name Record (PNR) based show-up forecasting

Reduce Costs

  • Manage ongoing IT costs with a flexible and robust platform and airline industry specific meta model
    • Reduce time to market for new capabilities
    • Enable intelligent automated processes to free up resources for higher value activities
    • Empower complete access to your data
    • Augment basic data with private data

Committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our global operations and to promoting sustainable business practices in travel and tourism.