Our Technology Leading the industry forward by transforming our architecture

The aviation industry is changing, and airlines need to adapt constantly and adopt new approaches to compete and meet customer expectations.

While many emerging technological concepts show potential, airlines need to think fundamentally about their underlying business process, strategy and, most crucially, their technology environment. Is your technology environment set up to enable quick innovation, testing, deployment and speed to market? That is an important question to explore as this underlying environment will be the key enabler for you to win in your markets.

As the world’s leading airline-technology company, we are delivering the worlds most advanced travel platform, and this means adopting a comprehensive strategy with our airline customers’ interests at heart.

Transforming our infrastructure

This involves establishing a global hybrid cloud footprint. The hybrid cloud model offers the best advantages of public and private cloud. In parallel, we are completing our migration to open systems that is very well suited to this cloud environment.

Delivering a NextGen platform

We have begun the process of moving our solutions to a microservices-based architecture. This architecture will deliver and improve the functionality our solutions deliver while also enabling innovation, flexibility and speed to market.

Investing in advanced capabilities

The transformation of our infrastructure and platform will help accelerate the pace of innovation for us, as well as our airline customers. This means being able to truly capitalize on opportunities such as machine learning, deep analytics, retailing, personalization and much more.

We are leading the travel technology industry forward in adopting a future-ready, innovation-enabling architecture that is cloud based and microservice oriented.


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