Our Technology Leading the Industry Forward

Today’s travelers expect the same seamless, hassle-free experience from airlines that they receive from other industries. We continually invest in technology and evolve our strategy to help airlines achieve this goal today and well into the future.

Our Approach
Our technology strategy includes three vital components:

  • Infrastructure (cloud migration) – We are completing our transition to a global, hybrid cloud environment. This model gives you the best combination of benefits such as accessibility, rapid scalability, security and stability, as well as control and flexibility.
  • Microservices-enabled platform – Our microservices-based, next-generation platform centers around the process of redeploying our solutions as groups of interconnected, independent microservices. This results in:
    • Speed – Accelerate innovation by bringing new products to market faster.
    • Efficiency – Drive efficiency through code reuse and contemporary software practices.
    • Flexibility – Enhance flexibility for us and our airline customers to meet changing market needs.
  • Advanced solutions and capabilities – We continually launch innovative and differentiating capabilities that will define your airline and enable you to:
    • Access our real-time data and analytics ecosystem,
    • Maximize clean inventory and reduce revenue leakage,
    • Leverage predictive analytics applications for forward-looking commercial KPIs,
    • Rapidly prototype and deploy innovative capabilities to optimize your business.

Our progressive technology strategy will help airlines compete and win in five key areas:

  • Data – Harness the power of data across your entire airline.
  • Speed – Bring differentiation to market faster than your competition.
  • Quality – Deliver superior services that meet today’s ever-rising customer expectations.
  • Profitability – Drive efficiency, productivity and revenue growth, as well as enhance transparency.
  • Innovation – Forge an environment of innovation with flexible, scalable platforms.

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