Slot Management Comprehensive, Accurate, Efficient And IATA-Standard

Better manage the costs associated with one of your most valuable assets. With Sabre® AirVision™ Slot Manager, you can optimally manage your slots at airports that are coordinated according to the IATA Worldwide Scheduling Guidelines procedures and SSIM Chapter 6 formats.

Slot Manager enables airlines to maximize the use of their historic slots by efficiently applying for slots using the IATA standard, as well as better manage slot changes as their schedules evolve.

With Slot Manager you can better manage your slot-related costs by:

  • Ensuring slot requests are complete and accurate according to IATA standards, and minimizing the chance of losing valuable historic slot rights due to errors
  • Reducing the time required to compute slot needs and generate slot requests through automated management of historic slots and slot changes
  • More quickly respond to rescheduling by more quickly evaluating alternatives and automating the generation of slot change requests
  • Allowing for more efficient operation through portability and independent on-site use at IATA conferences

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