Revenue Optimization Optimize price and availability to account for segment, willingness to pay and competition

During the last decade, most airlines have focused on availability optimization – looking at how they can optimize revenue management and inventory. However, there is significant opportunity around pricing because for an airline, setting a price for a product is one of the most important decisions they will make. Too often, airlines are pricing products reactively, based solely on competitor pricing, but there is an opportunity to ensure tactical and strategic pricing decisions are made with the customer segment, willingness to pay and competition in mind. If an airline wants to achieve total revenue optimization (TRO), it must look beyond traditional revenue management and tap into adopting mature pricing and retailing practices that consider a more scientific approach.


Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to solving pricing and revenue-management challenges with an end-to-end suite of solutions that helps airlines achieve total revenue optimization, including:

  • Sabre AirVision Revenue Optimizer uses fares from Sabre AirVision Fares Manager, a tool that allows airlines to stay competitive by actively managing fares and distributing through all channels, as well as recommends which one should be available at specific times to maximize revenue. This is the brains of the platform, which makes smart recommendations based on advanced algorithms through forecasting demand, predicting customer behavior and optimizig network revenue.
  • Sabre AirVision Cargo Revenue Manager enables airlines to improve efficiency and profitability proven cargo revenue management decision support capabilities – allocating the right freight demand, to the right capacities and at the right price while optimizing the network design.
  • Sabre AirVision Fares Optimizer is a proven pricing solution that produces competitve benchmarking and analytics to recommend optimal fare structures and seasonal price points based on customer segmentation and demand.
  • Sabre AirVision Dynamic Availability is an innovative and proven big data solution that proactively monitors and responds to pricing and availability landscape of competing benchmark carriers. It offers competitve advantage to airlines by providing increased control of their price position in the market.
  • Sabre AirVision PRISM is a set of solutions that allows airlines to manage relationships with their most valued travel segement – corporate travelers. It provides decision-support tools that expand profits from an airline’s high-volume, contracted customers. By harnessing, forecasting and optimizing sales data, the solution increases ROI relative to contract discounts.
  • Sabre AirVision In-flight solutions help airlines drive immediate cost savings and protect their brand with an end-to-end caterer-neutral solution that automates invoices, processes operational changes, simplifies planning and optimizes meal ordering and forecasting.


Our growing customer community has seen proven results with our end-to-end revenue-optimization solutions:

  • Achieve up to 5 percent incremental revenue compared to outdated revenue-management and pricing solutions.
  • Leverage state-of-art user workflows and interfaces that enable increased efficiency and improved decision-making for airline analysts.
  • Genrate up to 2 percent in incremental revenue gains with more accurate commercial decisions.
  • Reduce costs assocaited with providing in-flight service by up to 10 percent of the total catering budget.

Our revenue-optimization solutions give you the power to optimize your products and pricing with the customer in mind; delivering the right product at the right price to the right customer.




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