Reaccommodation Automating Your Customer Rebooking Process

Simplify and automate the process of rebooking passengers affected by disruptions while minimizing the overall cost impact with our automated reaccommodation solution, IROPS Reaccommodation

For passengers waiting in an airport, time seems to stand still. And when you’re struggling to get back on track, time flies! With our automated reaccommodation solution, you’ll be able to promptly take control of those disruptions and get each passenger back on track and on their way again. You can even use customer value settings driven by business rules to help you make the right decisions.

Our reaccommodation solution will enable you to:

Deliver A Unique Customer Experience

  • Helps you make timely decisions with the use of impact analysis, incorporating your specific company policies
  • Increases customer satisfaction by recommending the optimal alternative passenger itineraries and automatically notifying affected passengers via SMS/Text messages or email, which minimizes the overall impact of schedule disruptions on passengers

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce the number of disrupted or stranded passengers for reservations, ticket, and gate agents to handle manually
  • Decrease costs associated with passenger-recovery such as passenger compensation,  overnight hotels, meals, ground transportation, and interline costs by up to US$0.05 per PB
  • Improve operational efficiency with automated rebooking of passengers and ticket revalidation 

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