Product Merchandising The Comprehensive Solution

More than just selling additional products and services, product merchandising is a business strategy that touches all phases of the customer experience.

We provide an end-to-end product merchandising solution that aligns with your needs. Create, sell, deliver and account for all products and services that increase revenue using our solution.

Your team will be empowered to offer customers the right product and services at the right price and the right time while being assured of complying with industry standards and regulations when using our solution.

Our product merchandising solution will enable you to:

Increase Revenue

  • Provides opportunity to generate incremental revenue through the sale of ancillary products and services
  • Provides connection to the largest global travel marketplace with access to more than 55,000 agency locations, 3,000 corporations and 250,000 points of sale in 113 countries

Deliver A Unique Customer Experience

  • Allows an airline to differentiate, brand, market and merchandise its products and services within its direct channels while optionally supporting indirect channels
  • Enables the delivery of a consistent customer experience — across offline and online channels

Reduce Costs

  • By utilizing ATPCo’s “Optional Services”, ancillaries may be distributed through multiple channels in the same way as fares, and modifications can be made to respond to market opportunities

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