Planning Optimization Forecast with the customer in mind and develop fully synchronized schedules

Planning and scheduling departments work tirelessly to create the most optimum schedules. However, they do this in silos with little insight or control over how the schedule will evolve during the coming months, and they fail to account for customer strategies other departments consider. The complexities of planning and scheduling will only continue to rise as partnerships and competitive pressures grow.

Our Approach

Sabre’s end-to-end planning and scheduling suite solves for growing competitive pressures, partnership agreements and lack of quality schedule communication across an organization with integrated solutions that improve short- and long-term planning and scheduling strategies, including:

  • Sabre AirVision Schedule Manager enables analysts to collaboratively deliver a feasible schedule that optimizes capacity utilization and passenger connections while honoring constraints.
  • Sabre AirVision Profit Manager senses and responds to competitors’ actions, identifies new revenue opportunities and accurately forecasts demand to maximize network and schedule profitability.
  • Sabre AirVision Codeshare Manager optimizes passenger connectivity within partnership constraints.
  • Sabre AirVision Fleet Manager maximizes revenue while lowering operational costs by optimally assigning airline demand to the appropriate fleet type.
  • Sabre AirVision Slot Manager automates slot changes and manages slot portfolio efficiently with improved asset utilization.
  • Sabre AirVision Airpas is a leading solution in route profitability and cost management that integrates operational and contractual data back into the commercial planning department. It results in smarter, faster decision-making with immediate access to accurate cost data and gives analysts a true understanding of cost implications.


Our planning optimization suite offers market-leading solutions with a proven, successful customer community. Today it:

  • Serves more than 90 customers and is the leading provider for planning and scheduling solutions.
  • Enhances airline analysts’ productivity with rich analytics and visualization that enables quick interpretation of large data sets and trends to sense and respond to rapidly changing market conditions.
  • Saves time and resources by up to 35 percent with a higher level of automated financial processes.
  • Helps airlines save up to 2 percent of direct operating costs per year, with the integration of our cost-management solution, Sabre AirVision Airpas. This enables you to significantly reduce the threat of overspending by checking invoices more effectively.

Managing 75 percent of the available seat miles (ASMs) for the top 100 global airlines, our planning and scheduling solutions will effectively optimize planning and achieve revenue maximization for your airline.




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