Passenger Connectivity Optimization Maximize Revenue While Meeting Operational Constraints

Maximize your total network revenue by optimizing passenger connectivity with Sabre® AirVision™ Network Manager. Network Manager is a global schedule optimization system designed to help airlines determine the most optimal departure and arrival times for flights at a hub(s) based on driving total network revenue. It combines economic and operational information to create schedule recommendations that are both profitable and feasible.

Identifying optimal departure times for your flights can be an extremely challenging process when considering competitor effects, as well as gate, slot and other operational restrictions. Network Manager removes this complexity by considering all applicable constraints and passenger behavior to create schedules that will drive flow traffic and overall network revenue.

Network Manager helps maximize your revenue by:

  • Maximizing seasonal revenue by identifying optimal departure times for schedules based on passenger behavior and operational restrictions
  • Improving aircraft utilization by simultaneously adding operational and timing changes to the schedule
  • Enhancing strategic planning by performing analysis that determines the optimal mix of flights operating to several spoke stations based on current aircraft inventory

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