E-commerce Driving Direct Distribution

Transform your omni-channel retailing strategy and empower your customers with our integrated e-commerce solution, SabreSonic Digital Experience. Digital Experience is a hosted user interface that provides end-to-end retailing capabilities and powers your digital storefront from customer acquisition to revenue recognition. Using Digital Experience, you can maintain control of your brand and user experience using an industry-leading content-management system, Adobe Experience Manager.

The e-commerce platform also offers an alternative REST API platform that enables you to have full control and ownership of your user interface by giving you direct access to our transaction engine, exposing key capabilities of our e-commerce platform.

The platform gives you flexibility to display a variety of shopping experiences including 30-day calendar shopping, loyalty shopping and branded-fares shopping for you and partner airlines. In addition, it supports your seat and ancillary bundling strategy, allowing the consumer to select between branded fares and ancillary products. Ultimately, this drives increased sales conversion and brand loyalty.

The e-commerce platform enables you to achieve customer-centric retailing by:

  • Infusing data insights to provide distinct customer experiences,
  • Infusing data insights to provide distinct customer experiences,
  • Maintaining control of your storefront with a configurable interface framework,
  • Integrating with complementary solutions such as Dynamic Retailer and Dynamic Rewards to enable robust merchandising strategies, such as personalized promotions based on loyalty tier,
  • Leveraging a single integration and API layer to create an omni-channel digital ecosystem, including mobile-ready solutions,
  • Accelerating speed to market and lowering total cost of ownership through an integrated retailing platform.



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