Online Direct Driving Direct Distribution

Revolutionize your online business and empower your customers with our integrated e-commerce solution, SabreSonic® Web. From customer acquisition to revenue recognition, we offer a platform upon which you can execute a comprehensive strategy to serve the end-to-end travel needs of the customer.

Sabre’s integrated eCommerce solution delivers online capabilities that drive revenue growth, reduce costs, and increase customer loyalty via the most complete and configurable Web solution with the best return on investment in the marketplace. The technology of our eCommerce solution provides end-to-end capabilities in a high-availability and scalable environment that improves overall performance, usability, conversions and brand loyalty.

SabreSonic Web will enable you to:

Increase Revenue

  • Increase fare uptake by over 5 percent and online conversion rates by more than 3 percent through branded fares
  • Improve promotional sales and reduce revenue dilution with targeted deal management
  • Generate incremental revenue with multiple points of merchandising integration within the sales process
  • Maximize revenue opportunities through expert e-commerce consulting

Decrease Costs

  • Reduce airport staffing and real estate costs through comprehensive self-service capabilities, including fully automated exchange, refund and web check-in
  • Decrease agent time with automated passenger compensation

Deliver A Unique Customer Experience

  • Execute a comprehensive e-commerce strategy that serves the     end-to-end lifecycle needs of the customer
  • Create a unique, economical relationship with the customer, increasing loyalty and lifetime value

Provided by EveryMundo, a Sabre Airline Solutions partner

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Fast Fact

  • SabreSonic┬« Web is used on every continent, except Antarctica.


Committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our global operations and to promoting sustainable business practices in travel and tourism.