Omni-Channel Experience Differentiating your brand and personalizing all customer touchpoints

Consumers no longer want a transaction, but an experience, when they travel. They shop across devices, want flexibility of choice and self-service offerings. This means airlines must engage with their customers in new and different ways across all touchpoints. Owning the customer experience is key to creating a consistent experience and ensuring speed to market.

Even beyond their online storefont, the challenge most airlines face today is seamless fulfillment and service delivery. Agent interactions need to evolve to focus on exception handling, ancillary up-sell and delivering personalized customer experiences.

Ultimately, by creating unique channel experiences, your airline will place the right product at the right place at the right time to drive channel growth, conversions and loyalty.

Our Approach

Reimagined traveler and agent interfaces give your airline flexibilty to deliver differentiated experiences that uniquely represent your brand.

  • SabreSonic Digital Experience is a configurable online booking engine with a flexible user interface that delivers fully integrated shopping, airline retailing and loyalty solutions. It allows travelers to easily shop for products and services using flexible reward pricing and to book travel and ancillaries on any device.
  • SabreSonic Digital Workspace is our redesigned agent interface that allows agents to service customers faster and easier than ever before.  It provides common customer views, allows for the purchase of ancillaries through a retail cart model and expedites boarding to enure on time performance.


Our solutions are built with flexible design and future-ready technology to set your brand apart. They include:

  • A common extensibilty framework that allows workflows and user experiences to be configured for your airline’s unique business strategy,
  • Redesigned workflows that eliminate the linear check-in approach and improve agent productivity by up to 30 percent,
  • Streamlined workflows that allow agents to check-in passengers in as few as three steps for domestic and four steps for international customers,
  • Integratation with our payment gateway and our payment partners to enable end-to-end shopping, booking and payment.

Deliver a customer experience that is consistent across all touchpoints, personalized to the traveler and uniquely your own.




Committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our global operations and to promoting sustainable business practices in travel and tourism.