Offer Management Differentiate your product offering with personalized bundles

The modern consumer expects tailored experiences in all aspects of their lives, and their travel preferences will be no different. They aren’t simply looking for the best fare, they want the best value for their money. They want specific products and services that will enhance their overall experience. It’s why personalization is the holy grail for successful airline retailing – and it starts with a smart offer.

This means offer management must evolve the product offering beyond the seat to personalized seat and ancillary bundles. With this, airlines must improve customer targeting and promotions and ensure consistent availabilty across all points of sale.

Our Approach

Our comprehensive offer-management solutions identify targeted retailing opportunities that will differentaite your brand and drive additional ancillary revenue. A key component of our approach includes NDC-enabled solutions that support both traditional and NDC content, including:

  • SabreSonic Ancillary Platform facilitates the purchase and servicing of ancillaries. It enables dynamic pricing across seats, bags and all ancillaries and is equipped to automate ancillary and EMD handling during reaccommodation.
  • SabreSonic Inventory allows airlines to increase revenue by applying true O&D revenue-management controls. It provides consistent, accurate and cost-effective availability across all channels and partners.
  • SabreSonic Smart Shop powers your airline’s retailing strategy with new intelligence to deliver tailored offers through ultra-fast shopping. Live shopping eliminates the need for cached solutions and accurately distributes fares across all channels. Responsive design technology delivers a seamless booking experience across devices.
  • SabreSonic Dynamic Retailer rules engine executes personalized offers and flight promotions defined by channel and passenger criteria. It optimizes pricing by enabling mark-up/mark-down rules and strikethrough pricing.


There are numerous benefits our offer-management solutions provide your airline:

  • Realize up to 3 percent revenue gain from dynamic offers of ancillaries,
  • Manage air and ancillary inventory across partners,
  • Increase ancillary conversion and drive loyalty through targeted bundles,
  • Enhance the shopping experience by returning a nine-month calendar instantly.

Our offer-management solutions drive the creation of smart offers that differentiate your brand, provide unique shopping experiences and drive ancillary revenue.




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