Movement Management Optimize operational performance through state-of-the art operations-control systems

A movement-management solution forms the heart of airline operations. It should help efficiently manage flight schedules, monitor status of flights and aircraft on the ground, gain a detailed view of impending operational problems and simplify communication and collaboration.

Our Approach

We offer a suite of solutions that leverage the latest advances in available technology and deliver these capabilities in the most efficient manner, including:

  • Sabre AirCentre Movement Manager is the industry’s leading operations-control technology that forms the heart of the operations environment. It delivers advanced optimization capabilities, user-oriented control and interface configurability that leads to simplified workflows and efficiency. Other technologies such as intuitive interfaces and manage-by-exception capabilties further help improve performance.
  • Sabre AirCentre Operations Taskboard is a new innovation that gives an airline operations center an overview of the entire operations business and leverages predictive analytics to preempt operational problems using a portable, tablet-friendly format and modern, innovative interface.
  • Sabre AirCentre Recovery Manager Ops is the highly specialized disruption-management solution that is integrated within the workflows of Sabre AirCentre Movement Manager. Its unique approach and simple solution deployment ensures that airlines solve the root of disruption challenges quickly and efficiently, before their impact spreads across the operations and on to passengers.


Our movement-management technology enables a number of significant benefits to airlines, including:

  • Improved operational efficiency and on-time-performance, as well as reduced costs,
  • Highly optimized and resilient operating schedules that withstand day-of-ops changes,
  • More efficient operations control and better operational decisions as controllers gain access to wider data, focus more on decision-making and less on managing their tools,
  • Manage disruptions more efficicently by restricting the impact of a disruption before it affects passengers or the airline’s bottom line.

At the heart of airline operations, our movement-management systems and integrated disruption-management technology helps airlines drive efficiency across their operations departments while reducing costs, improving performance and protecting the passenger experience.



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