Market & Competitive Intelligence The Business Intelligence You Need To Drive Your Airline

Make faster and more well-informed decisions with Sabre® AirVision™ Market Intelligence. Market Intelligence delivers up-to-date global passenger traffic data from more than 40 industry sources including all three of the major global distribution systems (GDS) and other government sources. This produces a robust set of historical, advanced booking, schedule, capacity, segment and origin and destination information.

With Market Intelligence you can make well-informed decisions based on a clear understanding of customer demand and the competitive landscape. You can quickly identify potential business opportunities and create strategies to capture the most profitable customers on a route by point-of-sale and point-of-origin basis.

Market Intelligence enables you to increase your revenue by:

  • Making more informed commercial decisions based on accurate and reliable data
  • Identifying new market opportunities, monitoring segments and markets for the effects of competitive actions, and identifying underperforming agencies and markets
  • Increasing insight into competitors’ service offerings, traffic and market share



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