Load Manager Achieve Best Possible Flight Performance While Reducing Fuel Costs

Maximize your aircraft fuel efficiency and achieve the best possible flight performance with Load Manager by determining the optimal center of gravity on your aircraft.

Load Manager helps you achieve a weight-and-balance solution so baggage and cargo locations on the aircraft can be prioritized, resulting in expedited unloading for quicker baggage delivery or transfer to a connecting flight. This provides a seamless experience for your customers, ensuring that their baggage arrives with them at their destination.

Load Manager reduces costs by:

  • Increasing productivity of load planners by up to 20 percent over a manual system
  • Increasing fuel-related savings through an optimal center-of-gravity calculation
  • Optimizing load plans utilizing passenger, cargo and fuel weight calculations
  • Efficiently and optimally loading the aircraft by coordinating the work of dispatchers, re-fuelers, gate agents and ramp personnel


Maximizing your aircraft fuel efficiency is a key contributor to reducing overall costs. Once you select our product, we engage with you immediately and continue to work with you through implementation and product adoption. This enables you to more quickly derive an optimal return on investment and train your staff to realize the fullest benefits from our solution.  

Additional consulting offerings that further enable you to maximize the solution’s value include:

  • KPI Development And Training
  • Organizational Review
  • Business Process Training
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Change Management

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