Sabre Intelligence Exchange Apps and Micro-Apps Solving pervasive industry problems across the journey using sense and respond capability

While airlines have vast amounts of data, knowing when and how to use it for tangible business benefits that span the entire airline is more complex. A suite of flexible and easy to use data & analytics tools is pivotal; however, instilling it into an already convoluted, disconnected and often legacy-based IT ecosystem is challenging. Expert help is required.

Our Approach

Sabre Intelligence Exchange is the core technology platform that underpins the Sabre Data & Analytics solution suite. It consolidates the data so other applications and Micro-Apps can use it to provide crucial business insights for intelligent decisions. The applications that use Sabre Intelligence Exchange include:


  • Sabre Data & Analytics Market Intelligence optimizes your airline’s market-research efforts; analyzes complex data linked to pricing, traffic flows and passenger behaviors; and examines potential market opportunities.


  • Sabre Data & Analytics Revenue Integrity identifies and removes unproductive bookings from your airline’s inventory so seats can be resold and revenue leakage reduced.
  • Sabre Data & Analytics Customer Centricity creates the ultimate customer-centric experience by building unique traveler profiles that reside in a central data repository, which is empowered by an automated rules-processing engine for customer-personalized actions.
  • Sabre Intelligence Exchange Micro-App Marketplace provides fast-deployed business Micro-Apps that use streaming data to solve your airline’s most pervasive business challenges.


  • Sabre Data & Analytics Commercial Analytics offers macro-level metrics on revenue performance, as well as visibility into real-time revenue estimates including interline and codeshare revenue.


Each of these solutions enables your airline to give meaning to, as well as act on, the abundance of data in your ecosystem. Sabre Intelligence Exchange take our data & analytics suite a step further. They are an industry-first, industry-only technology that empowers you to use your airline’s data to automate various business actions and events that:

  • Can help create up to US$10 million (or 2 percent to 3 percent) in annual incremental revenue,
  • Can be produced in weeks rather than months for true business agility and time to market, 
  • Can reduce costs by 1 percent to 2 percent,
  • Empower your IT functions to develop their own differentiating data-driven applications,
  • Create new levers for enhanced customer experience and new operational efficiencies,
  • Power smarter, faster decisions through actionable insights.

Partner with us to uncover timely insights and accurate decisions across the enterprise and find out exactly how Sabre Data & Analytics can empower your airline to become smart, connected and offer your customers a personalized travel experience that continues to delight.




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