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Your airline is surrounded by a plethora of data. Be it market, shopping or transactional data, every day huge amounts are generated, both structured transactional data and unstructured big data. Bringing together all this heterogeneous, disconnected data is highly complex, and a data warehouse is no longer enough. You need to be able to collect this data from all the often-siloed core systems and applications (PSS, CRM, ticketing, baggage, load management, loyalty, customer, data processing, etc.), as well as have access to a platform that adds meaning to the data. This way your airline can leverage it to conduct analysis to garner actionable insights for accurate decision-making.

Our Approach

Our Sabre Intelligence Exchange platform sits at the heart of our data & analytics ecosystem. Intelligence Exchange is our real-time data-integration platform that gathers, analyzes and acts on disparate data that spans your airline’s systems. By bringing this disparate data together in one place, your airline has the tools to analyze, garner insights and take timely, intelligent action. Intelligent Exchange is leading the market thanks to:

  • A consumer-grade user interface that builds custom code and enables rapid development,
  • Event-driven notifications that sense and respond to real-time events,
  • Advanced analytics and data augmentation that enrich core data with platform API plug-ins,
  • Data enrichment and rules engines to design and execute custom business processes that interact with other applications.


  • The Sabre Intelligence Exchange platform delivers business agility by enabling you to customize numerous data integrations by rapidly developing and deploying Micro-Apps. These address specific business needs across the enterprise and can be done in weeks not months.
  • Sabre Intelligence Exchange empowers IT by avoiding core-system complexity while removing issues connected to siloed, disparate data. It comprises open, flexible tools and technologies that empower your airline to innovate and lead the competition.
  • The solution helps transform your enterprise into the coordinated enterprise that delivers accuracy and insights. It goes well beyond traditional middleware, supplying your enterprise with applications that provide accurate reference data; de-risking system transitions, migrations and app interfaces; and capabilities to reduce host messaging costs.
  • Achieving time to market separates your airline from the competition. Sabre Intelligence Exchange managed services rapidly delivers solutions customized to solve your unique challenges and take advantage of nascent opportunities. This not only gives you flexibility in solving business problems, but it also lets you refocus your talent on value-driving activities.

Sabre Intelligence Exchange enables your airline to create customized applications, analytics and reports; helps enrich your non-core systems with customer data; and empowers your airline with accurate insights and true business agility.




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