Flight Operations Simplifying the complexities of airline flight planning and operations

Successful airlines must manage the complexities of flight planning and operations with sophisticated technology, intuitive interfaces and powerful decision-support tools.

Our Approach

To help effectively achieve these objectives, airlines around the world use our Sabre AirCentre flight-management solutions, including:

  • Sabre AirCentre Flight Plan Manager -- Helps reduce operational costs with highly optimized flight plans and our 4-D cost-optimization approach. The solution improves operational efficiency with simplified workflows, electronic flight-plan distribution and rapid communication with mobile technology such as Sabre AirCentre eFlight Manager.
  • Sabre AirCentre Flight Explorer -- Empowers operators and dispatchers with our aircraft-situational-display technology to proactively address irregular operations and rapidly changing conditions. It also helps you achieve full compliance with the upcoming ICAO GADSS 2018 and 2021 recommendations by using Flight Explorer’s out-of-the-box alerting and monitoring capabilities as demonstrated in our ICAO GADSS Recommendations Compliance video.
  • Sabre AirCentre ACARS Manager -- Efficiently processes messages in all pairings — air-to-ground, ground-to-air, air-to-air and ground-to-ground — between ACARS-equipped aircraft and designated ground-based systems.



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