Cost Management and Route Profitability Leading solution in direct operating cost management and route profitability

Sabre AirVision Airpas, the leading solution in route profitability and cost-management technology for the commercial airline industry, integrates operational and contractual data. Resulting in immediate access to accurate cost data following a flight event and accelerating route-profitability response times, making them available shortly after the flight event.

Airlines today are focused on establishing high performance financial organizations and have an urgency to transform financial departments from simple accounting procedures to a value manager. With Airpas, organizations can increase transparency by centralizing costs and contract management across all direct operating costs. In addition, powerful business intelligence is gained by centralizing visibility for all parties and departments involved - fuel managers, ground operations managers, airport managers and procurement leaders will undoubtedly all benefit.

Sabre AirVision Airpas includes five key solutions to provide all the necessary tools to facilitate cost management efficiencies and enable optimized processes:

  • Airpas Transport Cost Manager
  • Airpas Fuel Cost Manager
  • Airpas Catering Cost Manger
  • Airpas Crew Cost Manager
  • Airpas Route Profitability Manager

It has been proven there is value in the capability to leverage the central cost database across Sabre’s Commercial Planning Suite. In Sabre AirVision Planning and Scheduling or together with Sabre AirVision Revenue Optimizer airlines can be enabled to make smarter, faster decisions by understanding the true cost implications of choices. Moreover, integrated cost data increases visibility, alignment and confidence with a unified view of data across all departments.

The solution enables airlines to:

  • Significantly reduce the threat of overspending by checking invoices more effectively, saving up to 2 percent of direct operating costs per year;
  • Automate invoice checking by processing electronic invoices using industry-standard formats, such as IATA’s IS-XML;
  • Speed up month-end closure and financial-planning processes, such as budgeting and forecasting;
  • Reach a much higher level of automated financial processes, saving time and resources by up to 35 percent.

Airpas has a proven and unique track record consisting of forty airlines of almost all business models on 4 continents, including: KLM (SkyTeam alliance), Malaysia Airlines (oneworld alliance), DHL, Emirates, Ryanair, and many more.



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