Codeshare Management Accuracy And Automation For Marketing Flight Assignment And Synchronization

Reduce the ongoing costs associated with codeshare management and drive revenue through your partnerships with Sabre® AirVision™ Codeshare Manager. Codeshare Manager enables your airline to more efficiently manage codeshare flights by maintaining the relationship between operating flights and codeshare marketing flights.

The management of codeshare relationships among many partners, or even with one partner, can be incredibly complex. To operate efficiently and maximize revenue, the schedule for the operating carrier and the marketing carrier must remain synced up. Codeshare Manager helps remove the complexity of codeshare synchronization through automation and schedule alerts.

Codeshare Manager enables you to:

Increase Revenue

  • Determine the best connecting flights so you can quickly identify and take advantage of new or alternate codeshare flight opportunities

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce errors by ensuring that marketing flights match operating flights. Alerts prompt airlines to changes in the schedule that could result in passenger connection problems
  • Reduce the time required to set up and publish codeshare flights by automating most aspects of the codeshare management process
  • More quickly detect changes in the operating carrier’s schedule and automatically update marketing flights within the parameters of the partnership

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