Airport Management Effectively managing end-to-end airport resources

While airport management presents numerous multi-faceted, complex challenges for airlines, the right technology and processes can help improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance the passenger experience.

Our Approach

Our state-of-the-art, end-to-end airport-management solutions were built with these objectives in mind. Our solutions offer a comprehensive set of capabilities that cover the entire range of activities associated with efficient airport resource management for an airline, including:

  • Gate management – Sabre AirCentre Gate Planner optimizes gate allocation and creates efficient gate schedules, while Sabre AirCentre Gate Manager monitors gate operations and makes operational decisions and changes on the day of operations.
  • Staff management – Our staff-management solutions offer a wide range of capabilities such as:
  • Determining the amount of personnel for a given schedule with Sabre AirCentre Staff Planner,
  • Managing changing roster patterns with Sabre AirCentre Roster Maker,
  • Utilizing sophisticated planning models to manage staff operations with Sabre AirCentre Staff Manager,
  • Centralizing staff administration and workforce planning and scheduling with Sabre AirCentre Staff Admin.
  • Ground-support equipment – Our ground-support technology helps you plan and budget for ground-support activities for a given schedule with Sabre AirCentre GSE Planner.



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