Airport Management A comprehensive set high-performance solutions that help improve performance, reduce costs and improve passenger experience

The airport is a crucial touchpoint in the airline passenger experience. Airlines must have the ability to not only manage airport resources and staff efficiently, their technology must also disseminate seamless real-time information, simplify workflows and equip airport staff to deliver excellent customer service.

Our Approach

We offer a comprehensive suite of airport-management technology that covers the range of tasks associated with airline airport management, including.

  • Sabre AirCentre Gate Planner helps optimize gate allocation and create efficient gate schedules.
  • Sabre AirCentre Gate Manager helps monitor gate operations and make operational decisions and changes on the day-of-operations.
  • Sabre AirCentre Staff Planner offers a wide range of staff-management capabilities and helps determine the accurate number of personnel needed to operate a given schedule.
  • Sabre AirCentre Staff Manager utilizes sophisticated planning models to effectively manage staff operations.
  • Sabre AirCentre Staff Admin helps centralize staff administration and workforce planning and scheduling.
  • Sabre AirCentre Roster Maker helps manage changing roster patterns.
  • Sabre AirCentre GSE Planner helps with planning and budgeting of ground-support activities for a given schedule.


Our airport-management suite of solutions provide airlines with a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduce airport operational costs,
  • Optimize staff plans and reduce redundancy and overtime,
  • Adapt to day-of-ops changes and make informed operational decisions,
  • Improve efficiency of staff-administration and staff-management activities,
  • Simplified ground-support activity planning.

Our technology helps airlines efficiently and effectively manage their airport environment, a most critical customer touchpoint.




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