Planning & Scheduling Optimize Your Network Planning

You can realize as much as a 10 percent revenue improvement by using our integrated set of network planning and scheduling solutions.

Network planning plays a leading role in your brand, profitability and operational success. Over 75 percent of the available-seat-kilometers (ASKs) from the top 100 airlines are managed with our network solutions. You can stay ahead of your competition, and maximize your revenue potential by using our advanced decision support solutions.

With our solutions you can:

  • Build better schedules by combining advanced visualization and editing capabilities
  • Optimize fleet assignments against different demand levels, operating costs and spill/recapture rates
  • Manage and evaluate codeshare schedules and changes automatically
  • Optimize departure times in an entire hub to maximize connections and revenue
  • Evaluate potential profitability of different forecasted routes using what-if scenarios
  • Plan all flights with proper slot clearances and track historic slots automatically



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