Onboard Catering & Provisioning Web-Based And Fully Integrated In-flight Services Solution

Lower your in-flight service operational costs with Sabre® AirVision™ In-flight. In-flight is an end-to-end solution for streamlining the management of onboard catering and provisioning. Its Web-based and caterer-neutral approach integrates multiple systems onto a single platform, automates business processes and frees you to focus on strategic catering and provisioning decisions.

In-flight helps you better manage your onboard catering and provisioning costs by:

  • Integrating the business unit on a common Web-based platform and single database that permits all interactions to be entered into a common planning and operational tool for your department, other internal departments and your catering suppliers
  • Optimizing meal boarding levels while providing effective controls on meal overage and underage levels
  • Standardizing and centralizing the location of airline-approved prices for catering items
  • Automating the invoice audit process and reducing costs associated with invoice inaccuracy
  • Decreasing and managing inventory levels for airline-owned catering and onboard service items
  • Increasing use of reusable service items through automated balancing, when appropriate
  • Reducing labor-intensive tasks associated with galley packing and loading plan management

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