Aircraft Situation Display Improve Flight Operations Efficiency And Performance

Better manage your flight operations by bringing together relevant flight information to improve fuel economy, reduce environmental impact and better route aircraft for optimal efficiency.

Empower operators and dispatchers with our aircraft-situational-display solution, Sabre AirCentre Flight Explorer, to proactively address irregular operations or rapidly changing conditions. The integrated display of flight information, weather and other operational data makes our solution a central part of operational decision-making and planning.

Achieve full compliance with the upcoming ICAO GADSS 2018 and 2021 recommendations by using Flight Explorer’s out-of-the-box alerting and monitoring. Dispatchers can easily monitor a large fleet and quickly be alerted if a flight’s position has not been updated within 15 minutes. Flight Explorer can also be configured to automatically request a position report from your aircraft in the absence of radar or other surveillance coverage.

Flight Explorer combines global data feeds such as government radar, ADS-B, ACARS and Satcom position reports to ensure your entire fleet is in compliance with the GADSS recommendations of 15-minute tracking. By using Sabre AirCentre ACARS Manager in conjunction with Flight Explorer, dispatchers can be alerted to irregular operations and change the reporting frequency from 15 minutes down to one minute.

More on how Sabre is ahead of the game with GADSS compliance.

Flight Explorer reduces costs and delivers a unique customer experience by:

  • Ensuring full compliance with upcoming flight tracking mandates by aggregating global data and utilizing fleet monitoring, alerting and escalations;
  • Efficiently managing your fleet, crew and flight operations using an integrated view of weather, situational alerts and air-traffic tools;
  • Improving productivity, using airport traffic and weather overlays to make the necessary route adjustments prior to filing flight plans;
  • Enhancing your customers’ experience by providing them with the ability to track flights, as well as view schedule details and weather imagery online.

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Fast Fact

  • Over 23.7 million flights per year are tracked by Sabre® AirCentre™ Flight Explorer


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