Enterprise Operations End-to-end operations management with Sabre AirCentre solutions

Airlines around the world strive to improve efficiency, profitability and performance while also enhancing passenger experience.

Our Approach

To help you achieve these goals, our approach is called “The Connected Airline” and is delivered by our Sabre AirCentre portfolio of integrated solutions.

The AirCentre portfolio delivers a range of operations planning and management capabilities and leverages the latest innovations in decision science, operations research, predictive analytics, user experience design (UX) and mobile technology. AirCentre offers solutions across every part of your airline’s operations, including:

  • Operations management -- Robust schedule planning and management capabilities, with integrated operations-recovery technology and operations overview and management tools.
  • Crew management -- End-to-end crew-management capabilities with sophisticated crew planning, tracking and smartphone-enabled communication technology, as well as crew administration, training and logistics. Also includes integrated crew-recovery technology.
  • Flight operations – Industry-leading flight-planning and management capabilities that offer highly optimized flight plans, advanced day-of-operations flight management, intuitive user interfaces and tablet-based flight-deck communications technology.
  • Airport management – A comprehensive set of solutions that enables an airline to efficiently plan and operate airport resources, including gate planning and optimization, staff planning and administration, and ground-resources management.




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