Data & Analytics Leverage Sabre’s Data & Analytics suite to create the intelligent airline of the future

Today, it’s through data that an airline can offer its customers an unforgettable and personalized travel experience that translates into true brand loyalty, but how do you do this with so much data spread across so many different systems?

Our Approach

To help you connect and make sense of your airline’s data, we have created a suite of advanced, easy-to-use solutions that span the full spectrum of your airline’s IT operations, from retailing and distribution to fulfillment, including:

  • Market Intelligence ­-- Optimizes your airline’s market-research efforts; analyzes complex data linked to pricing, traffic flows and passenger behaviors; and examines potential market opportunities.
  • Commercial Analytics – Offers macro-level metrics on revenue performance, as well as visibility into real-time revenue estimates including interline and codeshare revenue.
  • Revenue Integrity -- Identifies and removes unproductive bookings from your airline’s inventory so seats can be resold and revenue leakage reduced.
  • Intelligence Exchange – Presents a flexible, scalable IT platform that consolidates siloed data spanning your entire airline that can be used for insights and action that drive your business.
  • IX Microapps Marketplace – Provides fast-deployed business microapps that use streaming data to solve your airline’s most pervasive business challenges.
  • Customer Data Hub -- Creates unique profiles for your airline’s travelers based on booking information to offer true personalization and a seamless travel experience.
  • Customer Insight – Offers a central repository for your customer profile data, which stores travelers’ personal information, booking preferences, value scores and other profile data.
  • Customer Experience Manager – An automated rules-processing engine that searches for patterns in your customer or booking information so you can take actions such as tailored customer messaging and engagement.


Find out exactly how Sabre Data & Analytics can empower your airline to become smart and connected while offering your customers a personalized travel experience that continues to delight.

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