Data & Analytics Connect the enterprise to enable intelligent action

Our data & analytics ecosystem offers an end-to-end set of solutions that enable comprehensive digital transformation. From data collection and storage, through consolidation and enrichment, to analytics and actionable insights, our technology helps airlines create automated business rules and processes for the truly digital airline. Our robust portfolio includes an industry-tested data platform and advanced applications that cover commercial, operations and customer-data analysis, as well as Micro-Apps that make your enterprise highly agile while providing your customers with a truly personalized travel experience.


Your airline is surrounded by data, and lots of it. Be it market, shopping or transactional, vast amounts of data are generated continuously, both structured and unstructured. This data represents the building blocks for all the intelligent applications that feed into your core activities, including booking, customer relationship management, ticketing, baggage, load management, loyalty, customer data, data processing and more. This means you need an open platform that gives your airline the ability to collect, consolidate and utilize the data to get insights for smart decision-making that reach across both commercial and operations areas. We leverage our big-data application with a data warehouse and our proprietary Sabre Intelligence Exchange platform to bring disparate, siloed data together in one place for further analysis and actioning.


Once your data has been consolidated, the next step is opening it up to tailored applications for use to solve key industry challenges. Data-infused applications can be used for revenue protection, customer centricity, through to day-of-travel activities, airline retailing and enhancing the travel experience.


Once you have the data consolidated, enriched and leveraged across your business, you need to derive useful insights from it. Our data & analytics solutions support you with decision-making, and spans your airline’s commercial, customer and operations activities. The result: through single-pane dashboard views, you can derive micro and macro performance insights based on data from multiple business functions and systems; optimize profitability and eliminate opportunity costs by taking timely, accurate business actions; and achieve a competitive advantage through enhanced time to market.


Committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our global operations and to promoting sustainable business practices in travel and tourism.