Sabre Community Every Customer Has A Voice

Our Sabre® community offers a variety of online and offline channels so you can share ideas, network and help shape the solutions and services you use. This happens at all levels from end users to executives, regardless of airline size, type or location. Collaboration improves or creates solutions that benefit airlines and the industry overall.

Our approach is broader than just a platform, it is portfolio-wide. Active participation and collaboration drives better business results and achieves a faster speed to market. Our community helps to bring about efficiencies and decreases your cost:

  • Improves total cost of ownership
  • Provides economies of scale
  • Offers real-time peer networking, with real-world experiences
  • Provides the ability to influence decisions and direction
  • Enables you to choose how and when to engage

In the Sabre community, we not only hear you, we are here for you. If you’re not part of it, ask your account director about joining us today.

Committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our global operations and to promoting sustainable business practices in travel and tourism.