Airline Distribution Access a global marketplace that offers better yields, global customers and consumer choice

Sabre Airline Distribution and Merchandising delivers the most powerful and efficient distribution and merchandising services. That means airlines can increase reach to markets worldwide through an efficient and cost-effective distribution channel that provides access to leisure and corporate travelers. It also provides airlines with extensive reach to corporations, travel management companies and global travel retailers.

Access Travel Agents Who Are There To Close The Deal

We offer airlines a targeted, global channel with an attentive audience. These travel buyers are not window-shopping, they are buying. Our airline distribution solutions enable you to:

  • Connect with more travel buyers – Gain access to travel agents in more than 140 countries, including major online travel agencies.
  • Extend your brand globally -- Promote your strongest asset, your brand, to buyers beyond your home market.
  • Differentiate your product -- Guarantee your product outshines your competition when a buyer is evaluating options.


Maximize Profit Per Seat

Our airline distribution solutions enable you to drive incremental revenue to your bottom line by maximizing yield and optimizing sales processes, as well as maximize your opportunity to fill seats. The solutions enable you to:

  • Deliver critical revenue -- Sell more seats consistently.
  • Maximize yield -- Generate untapped revenue streams and maximize yield per seat even after the seat has been sold.
  • Optimize sales -- Ensure your sales processes are streamlined and effective, allowing your operations to flow efficiently.


Data To Perform

Employ meaningful data to bring new efficiencies to your operational and strategic decision-making processes, which will:

  • Empower decision support -- Make strategic decisions with relevant, accurate data.
  • Safeguard inventory -- Secure your revenue streams and prevent inventory spoilage.

Contact Information

Committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our global operations and to promoting sustainable business practices in travel and tourism.