Freedom to Grow Your Revenue Webinar Series

Online Apr 18-May 03, 2012


Growing your revenue in a tight economy is hard.   Where -- and how -- do you start?   And, what are specific opportunities for your airline?

Join us for a free, three-part webinar series focused on new ways to grow your airline’s revenue.  Learn:

  1. Three Effective Ways to Grow Customer Traffic

  2. How to Book a More Profitable Customer

  3. New Strategies for Defining and Pricing Ancillaries

Each 60-minute webinar will offer specific, useful strategies to grow your revenue.  Industry thought leaders from Sabre Airline Solutions® will discuss the latest trends and best practices to increase your bottom line.

As an added bonus, all webinar attendees will receive a free InfoPac with additional revenue growth resources.


New Strategies for Defining and Pricing Ancillaries

Are you accurately pricing your ancillaries?   

If you’re not sure, join us for a free, 60-minute webinar that will unveil new strategies to correctly define and price ancillaries.  Identifying opportunities for ancillary revenue streams and offering them at the right price can be a very effective way to drive revenue.

Improve your margins immediately by:

  1. Determining What to Offer – Apply key factors to help determine what you should offer as an ancillary or as a component to a branded fare.
  2. Efficiently Pricing Ancillaries – Learn data driven approaches to pricing ancillaries and see how using a scientific model can optimize the way you price individual ancillaries or branded fares.

Register today!  Space to attend is limited.

In order to serve our global customers, we will be running multiple sessions. Please select the most suitable time for your location.

May 2nd 0900-1000 (CDT)



May3rd 1100-1200 (SGT)


Three Effective Ways to Grow Customer Traffic

It’s hard to grow revenue in a tight market  ... but not impossible.  By finding new ways to increase your passenger traffic through optimal network planning, you can drive additional revenue.

Join us for a free 60-minute webinar that focuses on Three Ways to Grow Your Customer Traffic. Learn specific, useful strategies for:

  1. Customer Connectivity – Ensure your flights have the most optimal hub schedules to increase your passenger demand and total network connectivity.

  2. Alliances and Codeshares – Fully leverage your partnerships to capitalize on and grow passenger demand.

  3. Close-in Re-fleeting – Overcome too many or too few passengers by adjusting your flight capacity close-in to departure.

Please check back for more information regarding the recording of this event.

How to Book a More Profitable Customer

Are your flights as profitable as they could be?

Growing your revenue is not just about increasing your customer traffic. Ensure your pricing and inventory management practices allow you to obtain the right customer at the right price.

Join us for a free, 60-minute webinar to learn how you can optimize your pricing and availability through:

  1. Best Practices in Competitive Pricing – Consider more than just price when reviewing competitor fares so you don’t dilute your profits or market advantages.

  2. Customer Choice-based Forecasting – Use advanced demand forecasting techniques to make the most informed inventory and pricing decisions.

  3. Real-time Revenue Integrity – Ensure your inventory is as current as possible so you can capture as many bookings as possible while demand is high.

Please check back for more information regarding the recording of this event.


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