Breaking down silos across the entire airline operation

An airline’s operations involve a complex web of data, logistics, people, technology and largely disjointed business processes. The technology that helps manage these operations are often decades-old solutions that are extremely difficult to develop, deploy or manage. As a result, there are significant losses of value, efficiency, time and energy across the entire organization.

Our Approach

At Sabre, we have taken a proactive, industry-leading approach to changing the status quo. Our approach focuses on driving operational efficiency, profitability and productivity, as well as customer experience across an airline’s operation. We call this approach “The Connected Airline.”

With The Connected Airline technology, our newly developed, next-generation platforms support your future needs and break down the silos that exist today across your business.

Developed based on decades of experience working with airlines around the world, The Connected Airline solutions cover multiple areas including:

  • Flight planning and management;
  • Operations control and movement management;
  • Crew planning and management;
  • Airport and staff management.



We have developed technologies specifically designed to support The Connected Airline, and the benefits for your company are numerous. The Connected Airline solutions:

  • Harness the power of data to help you capitalize on opportunities that otherwise would not be accessible;
  • Enable operators, planners and controllers to focus on key decisions by drastically simplifying workflows and providing advanced decision-support capabilities;
  • Use integrated mobile technology to vastly improve communication and efficiency, as well as empower your workforce with self-service and remote capabilities;
  • Feature industry-unique, integrated, end-to-end recovery technology that significantly reduces the impact of disruptions and time-to-recovery;
  • Help connect every part of your operations ecosystem, improving every decision along the way while also delivering new overview and management capabilities;
  • Help you deliver the excellence your customers expect.


Committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our global operations and to promoting sustainable business practices in travel and tourism.