Breaking down silos across the entire airline operation

Breaking Operational silos and harnessing the power of data to improve performance, profitability and the passenger experience

The modern airline is larger and more complex than ever before. Around the industry, financial and operational pressures, as well as passenger expectations, are rapidly intensifying. The industry is changing, and new markets are emerging. To remain competitive in this environment, operational efficiency will be one of the cornerstones of success, helping reduce costs, as well as improving resource utilization and productivity. And possibly most importantly, protecting customers and even improving their overall travel experience.

Today, airline operations involve a complex web of data, logistics, people, technology and largely disjointed business processes. The underlying technology is often decades old and difficult to change.

What is needed is a unified, modern operations platform that leverages advanced technology to help improve performance and genuinely utilize data from across the entire airline -- not just operations -- to improve and simplify decisions. Such a platform will empower a “connected airline” to deliver the excellence customers expect.

Harness the power of data

To be useful, data needs to be freely available across the airline. Freely flowing data can enrich decisions at every stage of the operations side of the business. However, it depends on underlying infrastructure and the capabilities to utilize it effectively.

Advanced decision-support technology

Airlines need to deploy sophisticated algorithms that apply advanced mathematical techniques that are refined over time and synthesize available data to help optimize their operations. They must also be fast and simple to use and deeply integrated into the operations systems.

Mobile technology

The modern-day operations platform must be built with mobile technology deeply integrated into its workflows. While crew and staff expect these capabilities, mobile technology also drives efficiency.

End-to-end disruption management

Connected operations platforms need to help airlines efficiently preempt and manage disruptions large and small. This needs specialized technology and the right strategy, as well as the right business processes. 

Seamless passenger experiences

A modern operations platform needs to be the underlying force that allows an airline to deliver on its promise to the customer. It should help improve on-time-performance and overall productivity, reduce disruption impact and help an airline reduce operating costs to reinvent the passenger experience.


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