Connecting Your Airline To Improve Performance

Today, we feel almost helpless when we forget to carry our mobile phone — like we have been cut off from the rest of the world. In just a few short years, we have become accustomed to being linked or connected to anyone and anything we want. It’s more than mobility. It’s having constant contact at anytime — we are connected.

Until recently, time spent on an aircraft in flight was unconnected. From the passengers to the flight crew, there was a separation from whatever was happening on the ground while the aircraft was in the air. Essentially the airline did not have continuous contact with its most expensive assets, the aircraft and the crew onboard.

Today, in the new world of the “connected airline,” this is rapidly changing. Not only is the connection being established from aircraft and crew to the airline on the ground, but the passengers onboard are able to connect with the world outside the fuselage of the aircraft.

With these connections there are many new opportunities for airlines to increase efficiency both in the air and on the ground.

  • Deliver real-time information to pilots in-flight
  • Provide ground crews with information on their next assignment
  • Align airport resources based on real-time aircraft information
  • Get valuable data that has accumulated during the flight from the aircraft as soon as it lands
  • NEW Use mobile for a more seamless, cost-effective and pleasant experience for airlines, its employees and customers
  • NEW Allow carriers and airports to work in tandem supporting end-to-end communications
  • NEW Join data sources from across the enterprise to create additional revenue and maintain operational excellence

Solutions To Connect Your Airline

The connected airline is not just about improving air-to-ground communications. It is about connecting all aspects of the flight between the aircraft and operations on the ground to utilize real-time data in order to improve efficiency.

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Your Need Our Solution

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
By eliminating the need for weighty, paper-filled flight bags carried onboard by pilots and cabin crewmembers, you can realize increased productivity and improved quality of life for airline employees. Technological advances make it possible to utilize the most up-to-date electronic versions of paper checklists, charts, flight plan and load manifests, aircraft manual, aircraft minimum equipment list, charts, airport approach procedures, and airport charts. With an EFB, you also have the potential to utilize real-time performance calculation to ensure that you depart with the aircraft's largest possible payload.

Sabre AirCentre eFlight Manager
Much more than just hardware or software, with Sabre® AirCentre™ eFlight Manager you will be able to simplify the EFB implementation process as we act as your systems integrator. Using our portfolio of experienced industry-leading suppliers, we will recommend the right EFB hardware and software solutions to fit your unique situation and then act as the central point of contact throughout the process.

Flight Planning
Automate the entire flight planning process including integrating complete data support services (NOTAMS, weather, airport and airspace restrictions), incorporating alerting to enable you to manage by exception. Dynamically calculate ETOPS alternatives and ensure that you have considered all the terrain restrictions along the route.

Sabre AirCentre Flight Plan Manager
Our state-of-the-art flight planning system, Sabre® AirCentre™ Flight Plan Manager, fully automates and optimizes the entire flight planning process, integrating complete data support services (NOTAMS, weather, airport suitability and airspace restrictions), incorporating alerting to enable you to manage by exception.

Enroute Communications
Communications with the aircraft while it is enroute are crucial to keeping flight crews informed of constantly changing conditions. Today, ACARS is the most common way to stay in contact with the aircraft while in flight. As enroute connectivity matures with added bandwidth, Internet and Iridium will become more common with the ability to provide greater content to the flight deck as well as the cabin crew.

Sabre AirCentre ACARS Manager
Designed to automate the process of handling data link messages, Sabre® AirCentre™ ACARS Manager provides an easy-to-use tool offering robust datalink message handling to ensure that ACARS messaging capabilities are fully utilized and completely integrated with airline applications. Currently, the system operates in a LAN (local area network) client/server environment, or as an alternative, ACARS Manager can be hosted in our Software as a Service environment.

Load Planning And Balancing
Through the interconnection of load planning with other functions in a connected airline, it is possible to increase efficiency by electronically transmitting information about passenger and cargo loading to aircraft in up-line and down-line cities. Know what is loaded on the aircraft and where it is and who loaded it. An optimally loaded aircraft can have a significant impact on a flight's fuel efficiency.

Sabre AirCentre Load Manager
Sabre® AirCentre™ Load Manager is a complete load planning solution that helps you manage the loading of flights for an efficient, legal and on-time departure while maximizing flight revenue.



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