Technology and Innovation

Building a technology environment that fosters innovation to remain competitive in the future

The technology environment at any airline around the world is a combination of applications that serve specific purposes, often with only acceptable results and often unchanged for decades. Together, they do not allow for seamless interoperability, simple integration and management and speed that would help an airline operate with agility and innovate at will. Airlines have learnt to live with this compromise for a lack of viable alternatives.

Airlines need technology environments that enable and encourage innovation, growth, quick deployment of new technology and advanced capabilities. This calls for the next generation of airline technology and much improved capabilities that will help airlines accelerate their pace of innovation and to win in their markets.

Harnessing the potential of data

There is a vast amount of data that airlines already generate and even more can be gathered. However, the full potential of airline data in helping drive efficiency, reduce cost or improve passenger experience has not been realized. Airlines need to find ways to make their data freely available across the airline, at every decision point and to invest in the capabilities to quickly synthesize that data and draw insights.

Reduce time-to-market

New airline technology platforms need to help vastly reduce the speed at which airlines bring new innovation to market. Current platforms do not enable airlines or their partners to quickly build, test and deploy. There is a need for accelerated product development and for technology that supports it.

Reduce cost and complexity

The current airline technology paradigm is of heavy, complex applications that are expensive to manage, integrate with or upgrade. This cost and complexity escalates as time progresses and new demands are placed on the technology. Instead, airlines need unified platforms that are simple to integrate with and support and yet, deliver dependable, game-changing capabilities and efficient workflows.

Ensure future-readiness

There is also the need for more flexible, scalable technology that can, in a cost-effective manner, support an airline’s growth and seasonality. This means infrastructure that can rapidly scale up and down and applications that work with any future technology. There is also a need for airlines to offer their employees contemporary solution interfaces that are intuitive to work with and complement their skills. With a new generation of end-users, updates to the front end will become even more critical.

Airline technology needs to help airlines become ever more customer centric and rapidly innovate and differentiate themselves. Today, we are proud to lead the industry forward with the next generation of airline technology.

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