Better Decisions With Unified Information

In today's competitive environment, airlines are always looking for the small, well-timed commercial adjustments that can be made, which will reap significant improvements in revenue or market share. So what are these changes and how can airlines take advantage of them?

Having access to data that can help make these decisions is only part of the answer. Often, commercial teams spend an enormous amount of time compiling data, analyzing how it was derived, determining its validity and then, finally, interpreting what it means to the business.

Today's competitive airline environment requires constant monitoring and adjustments. As the availability and amount of commercial data continues to increase, you need a way to create one version of the truth from which everyone can work. This provides a way to simplify the coordination among commercial functional areas so you and your team can spend more time considering strategic alternatives and less time discussing the origin of your data.

Departments such as network planning, scheduling, pricing, revenue management and sales often do not share data, making it difficult to have a single view of relevant performance information across the airline.

By bringing together data from these areas as well as external market and competitive data, you can make faster and better strategic commercial planning decisions, as well as take a more proactive approach toward managing flight profitability.

Activities such as new market tracking, incremental revenue opportunity identification, problem market management and major event planning could all be simplified through a common view of commercial performance data.

One Commercial Version Of The Truth

Sabre® AirVision™ Commercial Intelligence is a new solution that facilitates the daily and weekly market planning conducted within an airline’s commercial planning departments.

It consists of a series of interactive thumbnail screens that can be  used to view network level information or to drill down into specific commercial related information easily and from one application.  Commercial performance data is easily accessible, and shared across all of the commercial planning areas so that there is a unified and accurate view of commercial performance.

You can set up competitive and market related alerts as well as easily access real-time data from across all commercial departments whenever you need it, including:

  • Revenue performance indicators such as RASK, ASKs and Yield
  • Schedule comparisons
  • Market share trends
  • Pricing by market, including fare utilization, recent competitor activity and differences in fare levels
  • Revenue management information for 13 weeks in the future, including load factor and class behavior compared to last year, also allowing you to drill down from weekly market views to daily market views and even flight views

Commercial Intelligence creates one single commercial version of the truth from network level to flight level so that you can drive profitability through better and faster commercial planning decisions.

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