Data & Analytics

Connect your airline to solve multi-dimensional challenges

Airlines are faced with business challenges that are evolving rapidly. Increased operational complexity, more expectant customers and inconsistent profitability are just a few. Technology and, especially, data, is seen as one key area to help airlines not only become more integrated and agile, but also customer centric. However, airlines historically use numerous core and non-core IT systems that are often legacy-based, siloed and resource heavy. This means airlines need to find a way to bring all this disparate, unconnected data together for analysis that enables insights and intelligent action.

Connected enterprise system data

Sabre’s Data & Analytics suite is focused around connecting your enterprise’s system data. It contains robust, industry-proven technology that collects, arranges and then opens this data up to Sabre applications and Micro-Apps – while also being PSS agnostic. This enables you to connect your commercial and operations activities to solve multi-dimensional challenges across your airline.

Insight-driven actions

Having the data is great, but you need to use it. Sabre Data & Analytics comprises various industry-first applications that analyze various data sets, such as revenue-forecasting centric or market focused, that enable you to make timely data-driven decisions.

Events can be triggered via automated business-rules-driven actions that ensure your airline is always agile enough to stay ahead of the market.

Innovation with the customer front and center

The customer comes first. Our Data & Analytics portfolio helps ensure you have the tools and technology available to offer your clients a truly personalized travel experience. Using Data & Analytics, your airline can configure business-rules-based events that trigger automated actions that enable you to place your customer front and center of everything you do.


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