Connecting the enterprise to enable intelligent actions

The airline business is evolving every day. Emerging low-cost carriers, more demanding customers, operational complexity and unpredictable costs are just a few of the challenges facing airlines. For a long time, the problem has lain in the data. Most airlines rely on several core systems – often legacy – that are disconnected, yet independently producing a plethora of data. These disparate systems, siloed applications and data have impeded airlines with enhancing their network planning, scheduling and market performance; commercial planning; revenue optimization; customer-segmentation insights; and responses to changing market conditions.

However, the emergence of new technologies is changing the industry’s landscape. Big data, cloud computing and visualization, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence are placing a comprehensive and end-to-end data and analytics (D&A) offering front and center for any airlines looking to become the connected, digital airline of the future.

A unified D&A approach can help airlines drive total revenue optimization, remove revenue leakage and increase operations, while empowering decision-makers to create revenue opportunities through actionable insights derived from advanced analytics and self-service business-intelligence tools.

Sabre has crafted a D&A portfolio to enable you to build the connected, digital airline of the future. It includes:

  • Market Intelligence -- Helps airlines optimize their market-research efforts, analyze complex data and examine potential market opportunities.
  • Commercial Analytics -- Delivers macro-level metrics around revenue performance, as well as visibility into real-time revenue estimates, including interline and codeshare revenue.
  • Revenue Integrity -- Identifies and removes unproductive bookings from an airline’s inventory so the seats can be resold.
  • Intelligence Exchange -- A flexible, scalable IT platform designed to give a real-time, comprehensive view of siloed data spanning across an entire airline.
  • Customer Data Hub -- Helps airlines create profiles for travelers based on information contained in bookings.
  • Customer Insight -- A central repository for customer-profile data. The solution stores travelers’ personal information, booking preferences, value scores and other profile data.
  • Customer Experience Manager -- An automated rules-processing engine that searches for patterns in customer or booking information and takes action to affect customer messaging and treatments.

Intelligence Exchange: The Open Airline Agility Platform
Sabre Intelligence Exchange (IX) is our real-time data-integration platform that gathers, analyzes, connects and acts on disparate data from across an airline’s systems – all while deriving intelligent business insights. The solution helps your airline improve incremental revenue, streamline airline operations, enhance passenger experience and reduce revenue leakage. Utilizing streaming data, the IX platform feeds into our IX marketplace – an extensible library of Sabre micro apps.
Micro apps are proprietary business-process templates that can be deployed in days or weeks to solve key business problems across an airline’s enterprise – with or without the IX platform. Read more about micro apps and the IX marketplace.
Measurable benefits

By bringing together data from across your enterprise, such as booking, ticketing, customer, check-in, operations and sales, Intelligence Exchange enables your airline to proactively offer differentiated services that:

  • Enhance the traveler experience across the entire journey,
  • Increase incremental revenue by 1 percent to 3 percent,
  • Reduce IT and operational costs by up to 2.5 percent,
  • Automate business processes,
  • Enable unique use cases that deliver tangible business value.



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