How often is Ascend published?

Ascend is published quarterly. Each issue is available digitally at www.ascendforairlines.com.

Why should I subscribe?

All versions of the magazine offer innovative, forward-thinking articles about a variety of topics of interest to anyone in the airline and travel industries. By subscribing, you can learn more about important issues affecting our industry. Each issue of Ascend also describes unique, technology-driven solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing problems.

How do I subscribe?

Complete our online subscription form, and we will add you to the Ascend distribution list.

Will Sabre Airline Solutions sell my subscription information to a third party?

No. All information is considered confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of Sabre.

What if I need to update my subscription contact information in the future?

If you need to update your information, visit our website and re-subscribe using your new information. We’ll take care of everything else.

How do I read digital Ascend on my smartphone or tablet?

In the Internet browser on your smartphone or tablet, navigate to www.ascendforairlines.com. The current issue will be displayed for you to read. The publication was designed to be read on a variety of devices, so you do not need to download an app to read digital Ascend.

How can I access previous versions of Ascend?

Please visit our Issue Archive to view past issues of Ascend.

How can I download an article as a PDF?

To download an article as a PDF, scroll to the bottom of the desired article and click the icon next to “Download This Story.”

Who writes the articles in Ascend?

Ascend contributors come from various places in the industry. Some of the articles are written by Sabre employees, executives and subject matter experts. Others are written by various airline executives and industry experts.

How can I recommend a topic for discussion in Ascend?

To recommend an article topic, please contact us.

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